Research paper on Legal Environment of Business

The USA constitution contains the fundamental right of freedom of speech. Consequently, the court in Tinytown cannot pass a law that undermines the constitution. When one criticizes other individuals, it does not amount to lowering the status of the Mayor’s office. However, any restriction on individuals to limit criticism represents a violation of their fundamental constitutional right of speech. However, there are limitations to criticisms of a personal nature, but not opinions that relate to decisions made by mayors.

In this case, Elbert has no liability under the law of tort since there are no injuries on the bus driver. Additionally, Elbert did not cause a loss or damage to any party. Although Elbert was wrong in transporting the dangerous explosives after working hours, there was no ill motive. Furthermore, the bus driver is at fault for violating the law by crossing the red light and hitting Albert.

Edward is liable for punishment because he committed torts of intentional assault and battery against John. Albert committed an assault on purpose when he attacked John with the stick without cause. Battery occurs when a person deliberately inflicts physical harm to another. Edward continued to hit John even after the latter started screaming. Moreover, Albert demonstrated malice by hiding in the bush, and laying an ambush on John. His screams were a reaction to the sudden attacks and not an excuse for Edward to hit him.

The principal contractors on this business deal were Kevin and Carl. In this case, Vicky was acting on behalf of Kevin as an agent, thus not liable for any breach of contract. Consequently, Kevin as the principal party to the contract is liable for the breach of contract.

When individuals directed acts of sexuality to opposite gender, they commit sexual harassment if such acts result in psychological or physical torture. An employee can collect punitive damages if they can show that they made a complaint and the firm ignored the illegality committed by the offender. The lewd comments on Nicole resulted in discomfort in the workplace and are therefore cause for a lawsuit. Therefore, Nicole has a case since physical assault is not the only indication of sexual harassment.

As per the law under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the first individual to perfect the security interest in a proper record will receive the car. In this case, Ted perfected the security interest first, thus he will receive the vehicle. In other words, the first person to record the security interest has the principal rights to the collateral upon default.

Terry can purchase a term life insurance since it is the cheapest and it offers cover for a predetermined period. In addition, it is easily convertible to whole term insurance. Moreover, the amount payable is constant, thus his dependents will receive a lump sum in the event of death. This policy has shortcomings such as limited time coverage and short lifespan. Therefore, it is a challenge for one to determine how long he or she will need the policy. Term policy also does not have cash value. Thus, it does result in the accumulation of equity like other policies.

In this instance, the cufflinks belong to Edward. According to Section 21 of the Sale of Goods Act (SGA), ownership of an item passes from the individual who has the right to do so. Therefore, Thomas should return the cufflinks to Edward. However, Larry committed an offence by stealing and reselling the stolen item therefore, Thomas can pursue him for legal redress.


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