Essay on Nursing440

            I describe myself as a lifelong learner. I feel that it is important to exhibit that character since it increases a person’s rate of success. Many people wonder what it takes to become a well-rounded and competitive individual. For me, I believe that education is crucial in helping a person to achieve a lot in life but much success comes from self-motivation.  People who dedicate their lives to the concept of lifelong learning prioritize the creation of time on their busy lives to educate themselves on new ideas and insights. For those who aspire to be nurses, they have to be lifelong learners. With the increment in different diseases, there is a need to find new ways to deal with the most complicated conditions. Nurses need to keep on improving their knowledge since some illnesses may be beyond the concepts they learnt in class. In this case, lifelong learning becomes important.

            As a nurse, being a lifelong learner provides a lot of value. The way diseases manifest themselves keep on changing, and it is important for the nurse to have that specific knowledge. Similarly, the rate of progress in technology is growing at a fast rate, and people continue making new discoveries. In this case, the concepts that one learnt in nursing 10 years ago may be obsolete now. Lifelong learning helps a nurse to improve on skills, knowledge, and practices to serve the changing needs of the patients. Failure to engage in lifelong learning may make nurses to endanger the lives of patients since their skills are becoming outdated at a fast rate. On the same note, it may be difficult for them to diagnose diseases appropriately due to insufficient knowledge on the current ailments.


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