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Consumer Behavior Blog Post

            Social media has had a great influence on people’s lives. It has improved communication and the way people connect with each other or organizations. Consumers use social media to share their experiences, reviews, advice, warnings, tips and any other essential information. In most cases, the information that consumers share helps them to make crucial decisions about a product. Social media influences consumer’s attitude towards a brand or advertisement in various ways. The customer develops an interest in the promoted product if the advert is appealing to the eye. Similarly, consumers may decide to purchase a product advertised if the advertisement follows ethical standards. Consequently, social media has affected my purchasing decisions or opinion of a brand. Unlike in the past when I used to buy a product basing on first impression, today, I focus on reviews that people have offered on a particular commodity. After analyzing them through social

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How to Preventing Groupthink

Groupthink is the practice of making decisions as a team. It is a common practice in organizations, and it often results in unchallenged, poor quality decision-making. The group I am in is a preschool, and contains teachers, administrators, students, and staff. It does not display any symptoms of groupthink. One reason that makes the group not to exhibit that trait is that it does not make decisions that often. Nevertheless, my group have put different mechanisms in place to avoid groupthink. First, leaders assign each member a role of a critical evaluator so that each person can air objections and doubts freely. Second, the preschool organization sets up several independent groups to work on the same problem. As a result, people think individually and then present their results for scrutiny to find out the most appropriate one.

            Furthermore, my team avoids groupthink by involving outsiders in decision making.

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Essay on the Crises in the American Politics

Low voter turnout during the American elections constitutes a crisis in the political system of the country. Americans are disengaged from the political process that takes place after every four years. Non-voters do not understand the relevance of the issues that politicians discuss in their lives. Additionally, voters do not have knowledge regarding the election process, which prevents them from making informed choices. News media in the country provide viewers with sound bites that do not contain adequate information.  The issues that dominate the presidential elections in the U.S do not resonate with the Generation Y voters. The inability of politicians to pique the interest of this group of voters prevents them from participating in elections. Low voter turnout draws the legitimacy of the elected leaders into question.

Cynicism about politics among the American voters constitutes a crisis in the political system of the country. The citizenry does not

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Essay on the Roles of an Officer

Police executive officers play an important role in maintaining a smooth coordination of activities in different departments and an effective communication with citizens. Particularly, the police managers play three main roles namely, interpersonal, informational, and decision making. Police work could prove stressful and demanding, as the managers must provide a sense of direction to other members of staff within the department and detectives from other centers. Thus, a police manager must demonstrate leadership skills that promote efficiency and reliability of the police force.

The interpersonal role of a police officer involves his/her relationship with other people. He/she ought to create a good rapport with colleagues and the community. Police executives act as the symbol of leadership of his/her organization. For example, he/she must show a sense of direction and the course of action in the organization. The process entails formal and informal relationships within and outside the organization. Besides,

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